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Readers of the leading American magazine participated in a vote for the World's Best Awards 2020 and voted for their favorite destinations. Apparently, Greece is for another year one of the most favorite destinations of the readers of "Travel + Leisure". Among the top 20 islands of the European continent are included apart from Paros, Milos (2nd place), Crete (6th place), Rhodes and the Dodecanese (10th place), Santorini (11th place), Corfu and the Ionian Islands (18th place) and Mykonos (20th place).

As the editors of the magazine note, "this 76-square-mile shelter has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with areas of white sand surrounded by steep cliffs and turquoise waters. The inland of the island fascinates visitors with its traditional Cycladic architecture, small villages and ancient monuments. "Those looking for nightlife will be happy with the many clubs on the island, while those who prefer relaxation can also enjoy a massage and quiet moments." Besides, in the same vote, Paros was announced 2nd best island in the world, with Milos winning 3rd place and Crete 15th place. However, according to "Travel + Leisure", one of the newest top hotels of 2020, Parilio, is also located in Paros.

The vote took place from November 4th 2019 to March 2nd 2020 (before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the imposition of restrictive measures) and was based on the initial criteria set by the organizers, such as the variety of activities offered, the sights, natural beauty, beaches, gastronomy and hospitality.

It is noted, that the award will be received by the Deputy Head of the US EOT Service, Maria Kritharioti.

Source: iefimerida.gr [https://www.iefimerida.gr/travel/paros-kalytero-nisi-tis-eyropis-travel-leisure]

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